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Here are links to most of my non-academic writing.  I’d love your thoughts!  If you’re interested in me writing for your website, magazine, or journal, please e-mail me.

Slate: Joe Biden is a Different Kind of Catholic” (February 17, 2021)

Slate: What Secularists Can Learn from the Religious Right about Accessing Power” (October 1, 2020)

The Hedgehog Review Blog: How COVID can change what schools are for” (August 27, 2020)

Slate: “In the Theological Sense, Jerry Falwell’s Scandal is Profoundly Sad” (August 26, 2020)

The Hedgehog Review Blog: The Good Life of Staying at Home” (March 31, 2020)

Commonweal: “What We Can & Cannot Fix: Rewatching The Mission.” (May 11, 2017)

The Hedgehog Review Blog: “Scorsese’s Catholic Dilemma” (January 6, 2017)

Slate: “Voting is Just the First Step Toward Stopping Another Trump” (November 8, 2016)

Berggruen Institute: “What Atheists and Monks Have in Common” [on Charles Taylor] (October 28, 2016)

Slate: “A Nation Ruled by Science is a Terrible Idea” (July 5, 2016)

Los Angeles Review of Books: Polling the Soul” [Review of Inventing American Religion by Robert Wuthnow] (March 15, 2016)

Cosmologics: “Evolution in the Classroom” (October 17, 2015)

The Hedgehog Review Blog: “Can Evangelicals Agree with Bernie Sanders?” (September 18, 2015)

The Hedgehog Review Blog: “In Defense of Scientific Asteroids” (September 2, 2015)

Reverberations: Hippies Were Cool and All, but They Didn’t “Beget Evangelical Conservatives”  (April 2013)

Mobilizing Ideas:  “The Problem with the Conflict Thesis”  (April 2013)

The Immanent Frame: “The Help, ethnography, and ickiness.” (August 2011)

The Immanent Frame:  “Why I don’t read non-fiction from Barnes and Noble, and why that’s a problem for public scholarship; or, what I learned in third grade about epistemology and essentialization.” (August 2011)

The Immanent Frame: Prayer is technology. I think.” (July 2011)

America: “Where are the Catholic Environmentalists?” (February 13, 2006)

America: “Orthodoxy Online” (June 20, 2005)

I was a blogger at orgtheory.net, and you can see my work there here.

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